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Pondicherry International Yoga Festival

Pondicherry International Yoga Festival

The Government of Puducherry has been conducting the International Yoga Festival since 1993. After seeing the response and enthusiasm shown by the participants from all over the world and from India, the Government of Puducherry has decided to conduct the festival regularly every year. This festival generally attracts Yogis and Yoginis around the world. The event consisted of practical Yoga classes and discussions on the various topics of Yoga.
The campaign shown here is from last month and is made by JWT India.
The tv-spot combined with ambient street activity achieved media headlines across local newspapers and resulted in a huge surplus of participants and health tourists from the targetted cities in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerala.





International Yoga Festival
JWT India
Additional credits:
Senthil Kumar – Executive Creative Director & Writer
Mark Manuel – Films Chief, JWT Chennai
Shiv Parameswaran – Art Director
Jayraj Rau & Aarti Iyer – Account Mgt.
Gerald Appasamy – Director
Production House – StillWaters
Paul Jacob – Stretch Festival SoundTrack

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