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PornHub does another cancer “PSA”

PornHub does another cancer “PSA”

In 2012, online sex video aggregator PornHub they promised to donate to breast cancer research every time one of their “boob videos” was viewed. Competitor Brazzers did a high-profile safer sex campaign in 2010. Also in 2010, British charity CoppaFeel posted a video of a “cam girl” being tricked into giving herself a breast self-exam. (Video no longer extant.) So basically, attempting to add corporate social responsibility to the business of sex work is not breaking news. Nor is the unsettling business of sexualizing cancer.

This latest venture is by Pornhub, in partnership with McCann Lima.

The title, “Charlotte Stokely Teaches You to Last Longer,” may be the cleverest thing about it.

Featured is Charlotte Stokely, a 28-year-old American performer who has also appeared in topless American Apparel ads (assuming the identity of an employee named “Britney.”)

It’s a masterful clickbait of a publicity stunt. Not that it will necessarily save anyone from testicular cancer, but at least Ms. Stokely’s heart is in the right place. Everyone hates cancer.

PornHub does another testicular cancer PSA


Source: Creativity Online

UPDATE: Ivan Raszl from Ads Of The World reminded me of this similar (but much, much more clever) PSA from 2011. (Funny it slipped my mind, considering I wrote about it on Osocio as well.)

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