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Pornographic Social Responsibility

Pornographic Social Responsibility

With the recent HIV scandals in the “adult entertainment” industry, there have been a lot of questions about workplace safety. As a response, online sex peddler Brazers has developed a corporate social responsibility campaign aimed at promoting safer sex amongst its fans.

Do you buy it? A recent student produced campaign featured on Ads of the World tried to position free adult content channel Redtube as a safe sex option. But can we really believe the performers are safe from exploitation, abuse and disease?

The following interview plays like a deleted scene from Boogie Nights:

According to their Press Release:

Easily the largest producers of adult material in the world, and with over 30 million viewers visiting its network of sites on a daily basis, Manwin and Brazzers aim to help spread the safe sex message to the masses.

This is a turning point, a truly historic moment in the billion-dollar adult industry. Never has a producer of adult content supported, funded and promoted a global campaign supporting safe sex … until now.


Your call, as always. You can view other interviews, some behind-the-scenes footage of their billboard shoot, and their previous (and somewhat goofy) PSA below.

Get Rubber (Brazzers)
Press Release

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