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Portfolio John Cooper

Portfolio John Cooper

Occasionally we publish some student or portfolio work from designers all over the world. In this post some work from John Cooper from England.
John recently graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a First Class (BA) Honours Degree in Graphic Arts & Design.

A lot of the ideas as shown here and in his online portfolio were executed whilst at university but is also a showcase with ongoing work. Mostly it is geared mainly around ethical campaigns against child abuse, bullying, smoking, drink driving, homelessness, people that park in disabled bays and more.
As john explained: “I am motivated by the idea of using my ideas and graphic skills to have some kind of positive effect.”

John: “My favourite items are the crumpling stuff ie. the animation, crumple girl poster and the video experiment showing this technique on the streets.  I also like my anti-bullying campaign where I actually bully people on the streets to try and re-familiarise people with the dynamic of victimisation.  So ‘Abuse stop’ ‘Klick me’ etc.”

Anti-bullying campaign
In a typical bullying scenario, you would be whispered something in your ear, or passed a note in class with a threatening message on it, like ‘I’m gonna get you’ or ‘Watch your back.’  You would feel very helpless and alone with this message.
By giving out what seems very personal, individual messages to people as they walk past, it momentarily upsets the harmony in their lives and reintroduces them to that shock feeling again, creating more of an engaging conversation with the passer-by.





Motorway Blog
As a society when we see bullying occur, we often stand back and spectate from a distance, unwilling to be the one to go against the grain and support them.
To show this, on the bridge wall of an intersection on the motorway, a huge poster, reads, ‘Would you stop to help’? (  As people drive under the bridge, a hitch hiker reveals a sign saying ‘BULLIED.’ The coupling of the two intrusive advertising methods attempts to create more of a lasting memory.


If Rembrandt would live now, could this be a campiagn for NHS (National Health Service)?:


Blue badge parking. Campaign for disabled drivers.
1000’s of motorists each day abuse the blue badge scheme by parking illegitimately in disabled bays.  There doesn’t seem to be enough done about this.  In this guerilla stunt, these alternative ‘blue badges’ were stuck on the offending driver’s windows, using high-tac glue, so they were difficult to remove.




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