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Praise the Pope

Praise the Pope


For World AIDS day, friday 1 December, some Dutch church towers will be symbolically wrapped with a enormous orange condom. It’s organised by Orange Babies, a charity organisation that initiated from the fashion world to provide support to HIV infected pregnant women in Africa.

The Vatican just finished a study about their point of view of using preservatives. Soon the Catholic church will decide if they change their point of view.
The goal of Orange Babies is to give a clear and positive encouragement for possible reconsider of the point of view of the Roman Catholic church.

Certain parts of Africa are heavily affected by AIDS, pregnant women and their babies belong to the most vulnerable segment of society. Recent medical research has proven that with medication available to us today in Europe something can be done, to significantly decrease suffering. For the price of 5,- Euro a pregnant woman can be supplied medication in the last month of pregnancy, giving her baby a 50% chance to be born HIV negative. Orange Babies is well aware of the magnitude of the problem but still feels that a contribution can be made. The idea is to raise funds by organising artistic events: exhibitions, fashion shows, music and sports.
These funds will be distributed to several projects in Africa, depending on the amount of money that is raised.

Update Of course this was fake. Even artist Christo (what’s in a name) had to work a week to ‘protect’ one church tower.
It was meant to work viral to open the discussion in the Catholic Church about the use of condoms. The viral part worked, many blogs and sites published these pictures.




Orange Babies

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