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Protest posters from Syria: The people of Syria know their way

Protest posters from Syria: The people of Syria know their way


Raise for disobedience
The people of Syria know their way

I’m always curious about propaganda and activism communication from conflict area’s. And I was amazed that I could not find anything about the terrible situation in Syria.
Until John Emerson from Social Design Notes pointed me to a big set on Flickr.
It looks like an anonymous set but full of good design. All with the same message against president Bashar al-Assad.

I took a small selection of the work for this blogpost. Purely visual, without any knowledge of the language.
Our friend Hayan Maani helped me with the translation. Thanks Hayan!

Most of the work is signed with the tagline “The people of Syria know their way”.

We are very curious to see more work from Syria. Please drop us a line on Twitter or in our mailbox.

See the whole set on Flickr here.


Our dream stays alive… hope stays a key


We are all Baba Amro


The dialogs of Assad


Your weapon emerges, Bashar


And a human will be born in us


The autocrat is a helpless person
Has no ability nor power but his succours
Enemies of justice, allies of oppression

(Al Kawakibi, Syrian author 1849 – 1902)

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