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Rape: the unnoticed war crime

Rape: the unnoticed war crime

It took me some time to appreciate this video from the UNHCR. Because of the use of miniature figures it looks childish at first sight but the last 20 seconds pulled me over. It is that last part which perfectly visualize the hidden truth of rape as a war crime.

“Sexual violence is the war crime that generate more refugee women in Colombia. The big problem is that it’s been unnoticed.
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Saatchi & Saatchi, Bogotá, Colombia
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Juan Pablo Navas
Creative Director Juan Carlos González / Margarita Olivar
Art Director: Margarita Olivar
Copywriter: Juan Pablo Navas/ Juan Carlos González / Orlando Marantá
Director: Alejandro Carreño
Production: Los Notarios

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