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Reality Check on Valentine’s Day

Reality Check on Valentine’s Day


This is the newest chapter part of the ongoing campaign from United Way of Greater Milwaukee. The goal of the campaign is to reduce teen birth rate.

For Valentine’s Day agency Serve marketing made a reality check for teens about the risk of becoming pregnant caused by empty promises and misleading demonstrations of love.

Print ads are strategically placed at bus shelters in areas with high teen pregnancy rates. Each ad depicts a teenage boy with headlines reading “Baby, you’re the one,” “You are so fine,” and “I would do anything for you.” The ad copy displays messages that can be found inbetween the lines of teen love notes. It illustrates that professions of young love and loyalty may be true for now, but bring a baby into the picture and young girls risk dealing with pregnancy on their own. The ads direct teens to, connecting them to information and resources to help prevent pregnancy and promote healthy relationships.

Nicole Angresano, Vice President of Community Impact for United Way of Greater Milwaukee: “Teenage girls often live with the illusion that if they get pregnant, their boyfriend will stay with them and they will all be a happy family. We know that’s not reality. Being a teen parent is hard and scary and all too often the young girl is left alone to deal with not only the pregnancy and birth of the child but the expense and stress of caring for that child.”

On Valentine’s Day hundreds of Valentine cards are hand-delivered to Milwaukee teen girls at bus stops near several high schools. A radio spot will also be played on popular local music stations in Milwaukee, such as KISS FM.
ll pieces of the campaign direct teens to, where they can find sexual health tips and support.

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United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Serve Marketing
Additional credits:
Art Directors: Michael Vojvodich, Matt McNulty
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Copywriter: Nicholas Pipitone
Photographer: Nick Collura
Photo Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Producer: Darlene Stimac

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