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Rebuilding Haiti with Microfinance

Rebuilding Haiti with Microfinance

This video demonstrates the impact of the partnership between The MasterCard Foundation and Fonkoze, the largest microfinance provider in Haiti. The foundation’s investment will restore Fonkoze’s core operations and enable extremely poor women to rebuild or create livelihoods, stimulating the country’s economic recovery.
The $4.5 million from the foundation will restore Fonkoze’s destroyed headquarters and enable its poorest clients to build new livelihoods. Overall, this program will benefit 70,000 clients.

The largest microfinance institution in the country, Fonkoze serves more than 200,000 borrowers and savers, the majority of whom are impoverished women living in rural areas. These clients depend on Fonkoze for financial services ranging from small business loans to savings accounts, and for complementary educational and health services.

Anne Hastings, CEO, Fonkoze: “The MasterCard Foundation’s timely contribution will help Fonkoze emerge from this tragedy as a stronger organization. We now have the flexibility to provide clients with needed services, which will empower them to sustain their livelihoods well into the future.”

Additional credits:
Animation and design: Steveo in partnership with IB5K (Steve Ogden, Susan Brennan, Katie Nestor, Kevin Watson-Graff)
Practicals and photography: Jessika Vernette, Vox Lux
Music by DJ Eurok
Photo credits: Lou Angeli Digital, United Nations Development Programme, Aash J, Kirsten Johnson

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