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Redesigning cyber wars

Redesigning cyber wars

The eternal Middle East conflict is now spreading on the battlefield of the 21st Century – the Internet. With fundamental fervor, some Arabic hackers have called for a “cyber jihad”, and the Israelis are preparing to defend against “cyber terrorism”.

But there is another way to address the anger and there is also hope that the internet will not be only used as a weapon in this Conflict.

This is a fresh project from Israel’s “Bezefer” school of advertising and art, along with ad agency Mccann Digital Israel.
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The opening shots in the battle were fired by a suspected Saudi hacker who calls himself “0xOmar”. Earlier this year he leaked the private data of 20 000 Israeli credit card holders on the net. Israeli Hackers shot back as the self-appointed soldiers in the cyber war.

The battle has unfolded such force that the Israeli government is compelled to intervene. Dan Meridor, an Israeli politician and minister, sent a message with a warning: “Israeli attacks by individual hackers to hackers from Saudi Arabia and other countries are an unsuitable means and should not be committed in the name of Israel,” he said.

But there is no way out of the cycle of conflict in sight, and it will only get worse. Believing that the Internet should not be used as a weapon,
McCann Digital Israel took a different path to the conflict that may not be definitive a solution but sends a strong goodwill message to the hackers.

Work Submission: Better looking hatred

Israel is under constant cyber attacks.

Each month, dozens of israeli websites are being hacked by arab hacker groups and replaced with anti-israeli web pages.

Their client, “Habezefer” School of art and advertising, cant end this cyber war. But they nocticed a pattern: all the hacker groups use the same ugly template in their replaced site designs: Black background, photos from google, bad fonts and low resolution.

So they acted!

The Idea:

step 1:

Ad agency McCann Digital Israel collected 50 hacked websites designs

step 2:
“Habezefer” students and staff redesigned those web pages, making them gorgeous…

step 3:
They sent the redesigned work BACK TO THE HACKERS (by mail, hacker group forums) with clear message –
“we would like to end all cyber wars. but in the meantime – if you must hack our sites, at least leave something beautiful”

Beauty against Hate.





“Habezefer” School of art and advertising
McCann Digital, Israel
Additional credits:
VP Creative: Nir Refuah
Copywriters: Tal Schweiger, Nir Refuah
Art Directors: Nir Hersztadt, Alizarin Zroob

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