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Removing barriers

Removing barriers


Great new work from our blogfriend Firat (Elmaaltshift) as part of the team at McCann Erickson Istanbul for Engelleri Kaldır. Engelleri Kaldır is the ‘Removing barriers movement’ (RBM), a worldwide Istanbul based movement of people who campaign for human rights.
It is an outdoor campaign made for bus shelters and billboards. In September it will be published in newspapers.

Translated copy:
“Imagine your daily life as a barrier in your life.
That’s the truth for 8.5 million disabled people living in Turkey. Every day it is a struggle for them to go to work, to reach their schools, to socialize. Everyday day they are abandoned a little bit more in cities and public areas. Isn’t it time to get rid of these barriers?”

The main goal of the RBM is to end all obstacles that violate internationally recognized human rights by creating projects/strategies that bring awareness and concrete solutions. “The removing barriers movement belongs to anyone who owns it” is the belief supported with the slogan “Do not block your heart, remove the barriers!”

RBM took start in January 2009 as a dissertation project of Rodin Alper Bingöl who is the senior student of Visual Communication and Design department in Istanbul Bilgi University. Later on, the project became a societal movement with the excessive interest and support shown by the private organizations and community.

Engelleri Kaldır
McCann Erickson Istanbul
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Uğur Çakır
Associate Creative Director: Oktar Akın
Art Director: Fırat Yıldız
Copywriter: Deniz Tan
Production: Ida Pictures
CG Supervisor: Kaan Özsoy
Photography: Yiğit Günel

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