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Return the rubbish

Return the rubbish

An action from Surfrider Foundation Brasil, called “Return”. The action has as purpose to raise awareness and alert people about the consequences of the garbage left on Rio’s beaches.

From a mailing list of surf shops and accredited NGOs, 10,000 boxes containing objects thrown on the sand were sent to people’s houses.
Besides plastic cups, ice-cream packages, cans and water bottles, each box also contained a label with the following message:

“The garbage thrown on the sea returns someday. For everybody.”—leaving it clear that, even who never threw garbage on the beach, one day, may suffer the consequences of such act.

The action was also performed in bars in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

See the Portuguese version below.

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Surfrider Foundation Brasil
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Ricardo Real e Marcello Mendes
Copywriter: Felipe Machado
Art Directors: Thiago Manhães & João Paulo Medeiros
Production Company: TCO Filmes
Executive Production: JP Braga
Director: JP Braga
DP: Nando Azevedo & Fernando Fernandez
Edit: JP Braga
Color Grading: Nando Azevedo
Soundtrack: Buena Musica (Daniel Medeiros, Leo Cruz, Marcelo Frota)

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