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Reversed message on a cardboard

Reversed message on a cardboard


I’ve done many blogpost with cardboard messages in all forms. This fundraising campaign from England is one of the best examples.
It is made by Publicis Life Brands Resolute for The Passage, London’s largest voluntary-sector, day-centre charity for homeless people.

Publicis have been working with The Passage the past few months to create new campaigns. A couple of weeks ago, they headed over to Victoria station in London to see their first piece of work in action.

Publicis: “The idea was simple: give each volunteer a sign highlighting the purpose of The Passage in a unique way. As cardboard signs are typically associated with homelessness, these would act as the hook to capture the attention of passers-by.
The effect of the boards was immediate. We watched as people slowed down to read them, filmed them on smartphones and popped money in the pot.”

During the three hours the signs were being used, donations increased by over 25%. The campaign also reached over 650,000 people on Twitter after being re-tweeted by the likes of Creative Review and Media Promoter.

See more pictures here.

Check also the Passage website, and find out why the colour changes regularly.

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