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Richard Branson Vs. capital punishment: #DeathPenaltyFail

Richard Branson Vs. capital punishment: #DeathPenaltyFail

Baby-boomer’s-baby-boomer and entrepreneur Richard Branson has backed a global campaign against capital punishment: #DeathPenaltyFail.

Using his massive media empire, Branson has focussed his sights especially on the United States as the only Western democracy that still executes prisoners, by promoting a series of online videos by Sundog Pictures.

Here are the other two videos :

In on online press release/blog post, Branson writes:

Even though I take an active interest in the issue, I was surprised how much I didn’t know when I first watched these films – the facts are truly shocking and challenge many of the beliefs at the heart of popular support of the death penalty. I encourage everybody to watch and share the films – and let us know what you think. Collaborating with the amazing team at Equal Justice USA, we’ll be helping to organise screenings in the US in the coming months to help them reach as many people as possible.

The #DeathPenaltyFail campaign is a partnership between Virgin Unite USA, Sundog Pictures, FlickerLab, Equal Justice USA, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, Witness to Innocence, and SD Squared. You can learn more about them, and/or add support, at

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