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How to rule the world using altruism, patriotism and other animal instincts

How to rule the world using altruism, patriotism and other animal instincts

This very interesting video is made by agency Novocortex. Biologist Evgeniya Timonova from Russia explains in 10 minutes how the mechanism of war propaganda works.

She use research in the field of evolutionary biology to show how easy it is to manipulate public opinion, and not only in Russia or Ukraine, but also in Western countries.

The video went viral fairly quickly and is viewed more than 600,000 times within 3 weeks on YouTube. Pretty soon the comment area started to look like a war zone. Russians and Ukrainians unwittingly confirm the content of the video.

From the video:

Hence, make people feel disgusted. And project this emotion on your enemy in order to dehumanize it. Call your enemies rats and cockroaches, zombies and reptiles. Say that they have sex with goats and eat babies. When you appeal to instincts, you can afford any lie, even the wildest. Our instincts are much older than our intellect and beat it just like that.
And most importantly – constantly scare your people. Fear is the best fuel for the patriotic-xenophobic complex. Without fear it fades away. You need to produce disturbing news, macabre reports, terrifying details daily.
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The video has English subtitles. Press the Subtitles/cc button at the bottom.

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