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#RustyRadiator is back with ‘Who Wants to Be A Volunteer’

#RustyRadiator is back with ‘Who Wants to Be A Volunteer’

An award that should be superfluous, that is the Rusty Radiator Award. SAIH, the Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund, came last year with the first edition of this award. It is a demand for change the way fundraising campaigns are communicating issues of poverty and development.

The promo video for the second edition is extremely funny just like last year. ‘Who Wants to Be A Volunteer’ is a variant of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Do you recognise the familiar stereotypes of how the African continent tends to be portrayed? Or the image of the “white hero” and the “exotic other”?

Besides the award for the worst stereotyping in development and poverty campaigns the organisation has also an award for positive approach. It is the Golden Radiator.

SAIH: “Hunger and poverty is ugly, and it calls for action. However, we need to create engagement built on knowledge, not stereotypes.”

An international jury has nominated seven videos, and the winners are now elected through an internet poll. Do it here.

Nominations for the Golden Radiator Award:
– Save the Children UK: Most Shocking Second a Day Video
– SOS Children’s Villages Norway: Would You Give Your Jacket to Johannes?
– Oxfam: Rice-Growing in Liberia

Nominations for the Rusty Radiator Award 2014:
– Concern Worldwide: Hunger Stops Here
– Save the Children USA: The Most Important “Sexy” Model Video Ever
– Christian Children’s Fund of Canada: What Does Poverty Look Like?
– Feed a Child (South Africa): Save a Child

The promo video is made by SAIH with funding from The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). Video by iKind Productions.


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