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Satisfaction: the Granny Remake for EqualPayday

Satisfaction: the Granny Remake for EqualPayday

Hilarious but aways sour the campaigns from Belgium for Equal Pay Day. This day, held every year since 2005, is in the last week of March. This year it is on March 25. But love to post it today on International Women’s Day.

In 2005 Zij-kant and ABVV Women launched Equal Pay Day in Belgium for the first time. Modeled after an American idea ‘Equal Pay Day’ is a day meant to expose and criticize the wage gap between women and men.

The idea behind this year’s campaign is that ‘getting paid less equals having to work longer’. Advertising agency Mortierbrigade has come up with a striking campaign: a remake of the world famous Benny Benassi video ‘Satisfaction’. In the original video you see sexy young women handle power tools in a highly sensual way. In the new video the babes have become old women who are still doing the same work. Every one of them old grannies around 60 years old who still have to give their best.
Another reason to campaign with old women is the fact that pension is based on how much money you earned in your working life.

Jens Mortier of mortierbrigade: “‘Satisfaction’ is one of the most famous videos in the world. Many parodies have been made, but no one has ever done this for a real advertiser, and to address a real problem. The video is the perfect setting to symbolize women who have to work too long. Benny Benassi himself gave his blessing to use both music and video.”

Vera Claes of zij-kant: “With this campaign we’re looking to reach young people, because the sooner they are made aware of this injustice, the sooner they can do something about it. Which is all the more urgent, as your current pay determines your pension. This remake was the ideal way to do that.”

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The original from Benny Benassi:


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