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Save a tree and save 875.000 species for free

Save a tree and save 875.000 species for free


Nice artwork from France for WWF.
This picture puzzle is worth a click to enlarge. Discover the species you get for free when saving trees in the rainforest.

“Donate to save a tree and save 875 000 species for free.
Rainforests only cover 7% of our planet but harbor more than 50% of the world’s species.”

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World Wildlife Fund France
Marcel, Paris, France
Additional credits:
Chief Creative Directors: Anne de Maupeou, Véronique Sels, Sébastien Vacherot
Copywriters: Samuel Volk, Anaïs Boileau
Art Directors: Anaïs Boileau, Samuel Volk
Art Buyers: Jean-Luc Chirio, Aurélie Lubot
Account Supervisor: Blandine Mercier
Other credits: 3D Platinum, FMD

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