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Save electricity, hire a blind person

Save electricity, hire a blind person

Three times fun from the The Norwegian Association of the Blind (Norges Blindeforbund).

In Norway there are blind and visually impaired people in about 100 different occupations, but many are struggling to get a job.
The Blindeforbund want to focus on that blind and visually impaired can be consultants, journalists, computer experts, mechanics or farmers and hopes that employers will perceive how well workers can be visually impaired.

Some things become Safe For Work with a blind person at the office.
And for you: two Less Safe For Work videos after the break.

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The original Norwegian versions of the videos.

Blind i arbeid Blindeforbundet “Mørket”:


Kampanje Blind i arbeid “Klesskifte”:


Blind i arbeid “På kopirommet”:

Norwegian Association of the Blind (Norges Blindeforbund)
Try, Oslo, Norway
Additional credits:
Art Director: Karin Lund
Copywriter: Øystein Halvorsen
Production Company: Paradox
Director: Arild Frölich
Producer: Beate Tangre
Director of Photography: Askild Viik
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Sound: Hocus Focus

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