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Save the Niger Delta with Shell. Live with it!

Save the Niger Delta with Shell. Live with it!

Nice spoof campaign from the Dutch Friends of the Earth Netherlands/Milieudefensie. They created this campaign to hold Shell accountable for their reckless pollution in the Niger Delta.

Shell’s Live With It! application explores the role technology can play in addressing the tragedies inherent in the oil and gas industry. Innovative uses of QR codes and geo location software have resulted in an easy to use app available for download now.

The campaign video shows a nifty smartphone app meant as a participation and marketing tool. But not the tool Shell wants to promote in Nigeria.
Nigeria is the subject here. And the oil spill Shell is responsible for since 1958. That’s 54 years since then. And that is a complete different situation compared to the BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It only took a few days before the whole world was outraged, huddled around their TVs watching live video of the BP leak.

That is what happening very often. Africa is out of sight of our media.

Friends of the Earth: “This campaign will try to convince the world of the severity of the situation in the Niger Delta, and will demand immediate action from Shell to take responsibility for the pollution they’ve caused.”

The campaign website contains the Canon of Shell’s history in Nigeria and the demands of Friends of the Earth.


Friends of the Earth wants website visitors to make it worse.
“There are hundreds of pictures that tell the tragedy of the Niger Delta. But no matter how bad these images are, they are clearly not bad enough to upset the world. The problem is still ignored. Is this because it’s “only Africa” and not in our backyard?”

They ask you to make a picture with some tools available at the campaign website. And share the picture with your friends. To make it worse.

In addition, Dutch visitors will have the opportunity to accompany Milieudefensie and a Dutch broadcasting company on a mission to Nigeria to become a witness and an ambassador.

The facts about Shell’s oil pollution in Nigeria:

Friends of the Earth Netherlands/Milieudefensie
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