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Save trees, don’t drive drunk

Save trees, don’t drive drunk


“Help save the trees of your city, if you drink, don’t drive. We give to you shadow and fruit and what do we receive from you? The impact of 1 ton of steel, glasses and tires on 100 km/h. Every year, thousands and thousands of trees are hitted by cars and their drunken owners, they don’t respect the road signs, drive more than they should.

We suffer the consequences, we only drink water and respect the signs, we don’t run, in truth we even walk. If you don’t care ‘bout your life even with others life, at least care with the trees life.”

Ajude a salvar as árvores da sua cidade: se beber, náo dirija.

Very strange ad from Fundação Thiago de Moraes Gonzaga, a Brazilian road safety organisation.
This ad makes me smile, but is it good communication. What do you think?
Thanks to Leonardo for translating.

Below another ad from the same campaign:
Ajude a a preservar os postes da sua cidade: se beber, náo dirija.
Help save the poles of your city: if you drink, don’t drive.


Fundação Thiago de Moraes Gonzaga

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