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Save your Dreams

Save your Dreams

The message of this strong anti-AIDS campaign hidden behind a red mist (looks like blood rushing throught the veins) and very poetic words, can not be more clear: Do not let that HIV destroys your dreams. Use condoms.

“We are facing with obstacles. We are faced with decisions that seem so big. We run with longing in our eyes into the unknown. Towards light, towards the goal. Because we are fighting for us, for a chance, for the open doors, for triumph, for further.. “
And we move forward, faster .. until we meet. Breathless require. Like a metal and magnet. In the instant we are not thinking about the future, forget everything around us, not just one … Do not let the AIDS destroys your dreams. Use condoms.

SAVE YOUR DREAMS from deepblue networks on Vimeo.

“They are the fire just waiting to be ignited. Can you hear their auspicious crackle? Do you see the sparks fly? Can you feel the heat? We are sticking with dreams all our hope and burn their images into our soul, until we’re ready to blow an ember into flames.. We fight for it with all our power and forget the invisible enemy who is just waiting for a moment of carelessness to destroy them. Protect them because they are the most valuable what you have. Save your Dreams”







Jugend gegen AIDS / Save your Dreams
Deepblue networks Hamburg

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