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Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

Freya Van den Bossche: Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

Surpass the A letter to Brad Pitt campaign seems an impossible task. However, the second campaign of the Belgian Stop Darmkanker (Stop Colon Cancer) appears to be a hit too.

This time agency 10 launches a new version of the selfie, the #saveyourselfie. A self-portrait on the toilet. Because, as is the message, anyone can save his life on his own toilet. Because it is about doing a colon cancer test on time.

The call in the campaign is to make a #saveyourselfie and spread the message on the campaign website and social media channels.

Image above is the #saveyourselfie from politica Freya Van den Bossche. (You know her from this election campaign).

Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

March is the international month against colon cancer and is supported by several celebrities and politicians like Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters:

Kris Peeters: Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

Tom Waes, actor and television director:

Tom Waes: Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

Goedele Liekens, TV presenter and sexologist:

Goedele Liekens: Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie

Tomas Van Den Spiegel, professional basketball player:

Tomas Van Den Spiegel: Save yourself, do the test and #saveyourselfie


#saveyourselfie on Twitter:

Stop Darmkanker (Stop Colon Cancer)
Additional credits:
Client Contact: Luc Colemont, Marleen Wauters, Steven Piessens, Ann Peeters
CD: Olaf Meuleman, Jeroen Goossens
Creatives: Stephanie Van Tichelt, Charis Verrept, Olaf Meuleman, Jeroen Goossens
Account: Anke Berckmans
Web development: Edge
Photography: Evert Thiry

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