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Science can change the world these unsung heroes prove

Science can change the world these unsung heroes prove

This video is part of a storytelling campaign from science-based company DSM. I post it here because of the feel good character. It is about what is happening now. The development in science is going fast for a very long time. Doing good with results is the newest approach. It is the subject of this project: science can change the world.

From the project:

Just a short time ago, much of the world saw these things as our inevitable destiny. Fortunately, positive-minded scientists saw them as mere technical problems – to be overcome, just like any other scientific problem. And now they are overcoming them. Today, this scientific spirit continues in unusual, fascinating and uplifting ways in order to solve our next generation of defining societal challenges based around big issues like climate & energy, food & nutrition, and health & wellness. A handful of inspirational people – that you’ve probably never heard of – are proving that science doesn’t just change the game. It can change our world.

More here about the project including the extended version of the four stories as seen in the video.

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