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Screeching to the choir

Screeching to the choir

This new video PSA from France’s road safety authority is more of the brutal realism we’ve been seeing in the UK’s texting while driving campaign or “The faster the speed, the bigger the mess”:


Unfortunately, as Adrants points out, “it seems no matter how much effort goes into creating these safe and sober adverdramas, the real life drama continues unabated.”

The problem is likely that teenagers do not see themselves in these portrayals. As any consumer advertiser will tell you, teenagers don’t have a very realistic self-image. And research has shown that negative and shock ads can actually have the opposite effect by triggering something called “defensive processing”.

So why do these ads keep getting made? I believe it’s because people in authority, such as governments and parents, like the idea of scaring kids straight. The problem is, they’re just screeching to the choir.

Securite Routiere (Government of France)

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