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Seat belts extend lives

Seat belts extend lives


A nice, simple idea for promoting seat belt use among youth in Quebec, Canada, from Lg2. What I like best about it is the way it gives a positive message that is unique to the “product” benefit. I even like the weird two-dimensional feel of the art direction.

Created for a primarily Francophone audience, the idea translates effortlessly into English: Wear a belt, extend your life.

Living in neighbouring Ontario, I thought that seat belt use was pretty much assumed — especially for people born after it became mandatory in 1976. It turns out that while Quebec drivers are some of the best in the country for buckling up, the province ranks fourth for belt use by passengers — at 93%.

Still, I hope this great idea isn’t wasted on a non-issue. But perhaps they could sell the idea to Italy.

Two more executions (of the same concept) after the break.



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