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See the urgent need for midwives from a baby’s POV

See the urgent need for midwives from a baby’s POV

Vårdförbundet: See the urgent need for midwives from a baby’s POV

This has to be the least “dirty” ad use of vaginal imagery I have ever seen. Instead, it speaks to urgency.

Created by FamiljenPangea, Stockholm, for Sweden’s Vårdförbundet (Union for Midwives and Nurses), the ad states: “All babies have the right to meet professional hands as a good start in life.”

According to PubMed:

The organization of maternity services in Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands was studied under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization European Headquarters Office of Maternal and Child Health. Midwifery care is highly respected and is a central feature of obstetric care in each of these countries. In Denmark and Sweden, almost all births are in the hospital, and autonomous midwives are employed by national health services. About three-quarters of Dutch midwives are in independent practice, and 34% of Dutch women give birth at home. In each country midwives provide “the first line” of care for normal pregnant women and are viewed as essential to the excellent perinatal outcomes these three countries enjoy.
However, the ad agency told Ads of The World: “The unfair working conditions for Midwifes and Nurses in our country has to change. More babies are born but the professional hands of Midwives are missing more often.”

Additional credits:
Creative Director: Marcus Enström
Art Director: Niklas Ackerstedt
Copywriters: Pontus Holmgren, Charlotta Nordling
Illustrator: Kristian Rune
Ads of The World

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