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Seeing a sign of child abuse? Open your mouth

Seeing a sign of child abuse? Open your mouth

It is hard the feel the pain, anger and fear of a child which is sexually abused. I’m not sure but I think this video comes very nearby.
The video is from Kinderkreet (Childcry), the Belgium organisation aimed to help survivors and secundary victims of sexual abuse in general to take the first step on their way on recovery, both youngsters and adults.

Tagline: If you see a sign of child abuse, open your mouth.

Childcry is a project from Patricia and William. From the ages of 6 to 15 Patricia was sexually abused, raped, beaten and battered by her father. She dared tell no one for many years.
The first step wasn’t easy for her either, but marked the beginning of a new life and happiness after all. She married William and had two children. Who could ever have thought that? She certainly didn’t.

Below the video from earlier this year:
Sommige nachtmerries beginnen voor het slapengaan
Some nightmares are starting before going to sleep

(Hat tip from Philippe, thanks)

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