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“Seeing Eye People” help NYC pedestrians text while walking

“Seeing Eye People” help NYC pedestrians text while walking

We’ve recently seen a lot of social marketing campaigns reminding people of the dangers of texting while driving. Osocio has covered everything from creepy icons, to comical history lessons, to morgue photos to … Killer crotches!

As popular as texting-while-driving is, it has an often overlooked (if equally stupid) cousin … The classic “text and walk”!

This week BuzzFeed and Improv Everywhere teamed up in New York City to exploit the silliness of texting (or otherwise interacting with a mobile device) while walking.

Seeing Eye People help NYC pedestrians text while walking

“Seeing Eye People” in orange vests claiming to be part of a Department of Transportation pilot program guided individuals furiously texting on phones down crowded city streets.

The gag got some great reactions from the public!

Even funnier is what happened when the Seeing Eye People asked real pedestrian texters if they’d like an escort!

Seeing Eye People is a great improv bit, but it also makes a good point about public safety.

I think this one performance piece may actually be more memorable than all the grim “texting causes death” posters I’ve seen over the last year.

Improv Everywhere &
Additional credits:
Created by: BuzzFeed & Improv Everywhere
Directed by: Charlie Todd
Produced and Edited by: Deverge
Music by: Tyler Walker
Producers: Matt Adams, Alan Aisenberg, Chris Baker, Jeff Greenspan, Mike Lacher, Andrew Soltys, Charlie Todd
Shot by: Matt Adams, Alan Aisenberg, Denis Cardineau, Ilya Smelansky, Chloe Smolkin, Andrew Soltys
Photography: Joseph Lin (photo credit for all photos on this page)
Production Assistant: Michael Tannenbaum
Principle Cast: Mikala Bierma, Dan Black, Dustin Drury, Don Fanelli, Keith Haskel, Cody Lindquist, Ari Voukydis

Seeing Eye People

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