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Sell The Vatican, Feed The World

Sell The Vatican, Feed The World

Sarah Silverman’s ambitious plan for feeding the world.

“What is the Vatican worth? Like 500 billion dollars? This is great! Sell the Vatican, take a big chunk of that money, build a gorgeous condominium for you and all of your friends to live in – all the amenities: swimming pool, tennis court, water slide. And with the money leftover, feed the whole fucking world. You preach to live humbly and I totally agree, so now maybe it’s time for you to move out of your house that is a city. On an ego level alone you will be the biggest hero in the history of ever.”

Additional credits:
Production Company: Hungry Man, Los Angeles
Director: Wayne McClammy
Writing: Sarah Silverman, Wayne McClammy, Dan Sterling
Executive Producer: Cindy Becker
Producer: Caleb Dewalt, Jeff Sammon
DP: Rhet Bear
Editors: Danny Jelinek, Josh Reynold

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