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Send Aids to 3669

Send Aids to 3669

This campaign from Terres des Hommes was running last couple of weeks in the Netherlands. In a aggressive hyperventilating MTV style Terres des Hommes ask viewers to send a sms in order to help Aids/HIV orphans in East Africa.
“Adopt the abandoned Aids Orphan. SMS Aids to 3669.”

A SMS to Terres des Hommes costs €1,50, €0,99 of it is for the Aids orphan project. After donating a animated wallpaper was sent in return showing a thank-you-kiss from the Aids orphan.
With this confrontating campaign Terres des Hommes tries to reach the young audience in the age of 15 – 25. It looks funny at first sight but this ringtone look-a-like psa isn’t after all.

Another part of the campaign is the dedicated page on the Dutch social network Hyves:

Thanks Antoinette from Leylines for sending.

Terres des Hommes
Additional credits:
Concept: Cees Dingler en Jeroen Vroegen
Artdirector / designer: Cees Dingler en Jeroen Vroegen
Copywriter: Cees Dingler en Jeroen Vroegen
Media strategy: Leylines

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