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Sexual abuse in modelling: not a pretty picture

Sexual abuse in modelling: not a pretty picture

You don’t have to be an ad or media professional to be aware that our communications world is highly sexualized these days. But how does this charged environment effect the lives of the (mostly) women who give their bodies and sexuality up for our objectification?

Directors Ole Schell and Sara Ziff of Strand Releasing have just released “Picture Me”, a documentary expose in which models share personal experiences of sexual abuse in the modelling industry.

Here is the trailer:

I think this is recommended viewing for anyone who has ever cast an ad, attended a shoot, or bought… anything.

Postscript: I sent this post to the Sociological Images blog, and there the movie was critiqued by Guest Blogger Ashley Mears,  a model-turned-sociologist and author of Pricing Beauty: Value in the Fashion Modeling World (UC Berkeley Press). Interesting read…

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