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Sharing is caring: research should be accessible just as blogs

Sharing is caring: research should be accessible just as blogs

SAIH: sharing is caring

Most results from publicly funded research are published in journals that cost a fortune to access. This has many negative impacts. Open Access is the method to be used to change this system. Basically, Open Access is the idea that all publicly funded research should be freely available to everyone on the internet.

That’s what this new campaign from the Norwegian SAIH is about. It’s a demand for Open Access, free access to research.
SAIH compare research with blogging: Bloggers are read by thousands every day, unlike researcher’s articles which are read by far fewer.

The SAIH campaign is a petition and will be handed over to the Norwegian Ministry of Education in the fall of 2013.

The demand:
– The Ministry of Education should ensure increased funding for Open Access Publishing in Norway.
– Norwegian authorities must support researchers in developing countries ability to publish in Open Access to.

Open Access explained:


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