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Shelter: House of Cards

Shelter: House of Cards

Shelter, the British housing and homelessness charity,  launched a new advertising campaign to highlight the depth of Britain’s housing crisis.
The organisation launched the campaign on February 9 with a television commercial, posters and a microsite

Adam Sampson, chief executive of Shelter, said: “With more than 1.9 million households on council housing waiting lists in the UK, we can no longer stand back and watch our housing market collapse. Our new ‘House of Cards’ campaign aims to not only wake people up to the fact we are in the midst of a huge housing crisis in the UK, but also remind people that Shelter is here to help anyone at risk of losing their home.”.

Multi award winning band, Radiohead, has donated one of its tracks – Videotape from the In Rainbows album and voiceover is by Academy Award nominated actress, Samantha Morton, who herself experienced homelessness before she became famous. The film was shot by Dom and Nic from Outsider and post-production by Framestore. Everyone donated their services and time for free.


Leo Burnett, London

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