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Shepard Fairey about We The People

Shepard Fairey about We The People

This video is nice rough cut made in the days of the Trump inauguration and the following Women’s March in Los Angeles. But the filmmaker Laura Rudich began with an interview of Shepard Fairey at his latest exhibition in gallery Subliminal Projects. The project is a kind of collaboration with Photographer Jim Marshall (1936-2010) titled American Civics.

The exhibition is a showcase of Fairey’s interpretation of Marshall’s photography from the 1960’s, as well as a collection of work by Fairey inspired by the current state of our political climate. That is how we know Fairey. The title ‘American Civics’ really fits him.

My interest was mainly on the three works he made for the inauguration: We The People. He made portraits of those who are currently most under fire by Donald Trump: Latinas, Muslim Americans and Afro-Americans.


We felt that is was very important to see unity, that we can see ourselves in others. That is why I made We the people. Seeing common bonds. That is the way we have to move forward because all current kind of apathy, phobias, sexism, islamophobia and racism are not working.

Shepard Fairey about We The People

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