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Shopping for the cure 2: Celebrity Edition [#Pinkverts]

Shopping for the cure 2: Celebrity Edition [#Pinkverts]

Spotted on Hollywood Life:


“Not only does Selena look stylish and cute, but she’s also sending a powerful message and raising awareness — way to go!”

Yes, way to go Selena! 15% of the $178 you paid for those pink flats will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That is, if you paid for them and this was not a planned product placement to get young Bieber/Gomez fangirls to press their parents for a pair.

It’s great that so many brands was to help fight breast cancer. But can’t Tory Burch do better than 15% on these (presumably) massively marked-up slippers? The designer’s maximum donation of $15,000 may seem like a lot to teenagers, but in marketing terms it is a very small investment for this kind of PR.

Tory Burch
Hollywood Life

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