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SickKids On The Front Line

SickKids On The Front Line

Being sick and a fight are inseparable recent years. Sickness must be defeated. When dying because of a sickness we call ‘losing the battle’. An idea often criticized because are you a wimp if you lose? That was what I thought of when seeing this new TV ad from the Canadian Hospital for Sick Children, corporately branded as SickKids.

That idea about the fight has a much broader meaning in this new campaign. Fortunately! is a new platform from SickKids showing the ways patients, families and staff give it their best fight day in and day out. It is a combination of awareness-building and fundraising in various forms. The video above is made for promoting the platform.

Lori Davison, vice president of Brand Strategy and Communications at SickKids Foundation:

This new platform reflects the bold and ambitious work that is being done at SickKids to save and transform the lives of thousands of children every year. We hope to raise awareness of the many important battles SickKids is fighting and remind people that in order to win, we need them to join the fight. We need their donations to stay ahead.

Jay Chaney, chief strategy officer at Cossette, the agency behind the campaign:

The time is now for this bold shift from charity brand to performance brand. This campaign dials up the volume on elements of the hospital that have always been true for SickKids medical staff, patients and families, but that perhaps weren’t highlighted as clearly before. Canadians need to see the remarkable work that happens every day at SickKids, and the potential of what we can accomplish if they join the fight.

The platform contains a lot of great examples of storytelling. The website visitor can join the fight by battling Missing Childhood, Boundaries or The Unknown. All this under the heading ‘SickKids VS’.

The campaign includes four separate commercials produced for TV. More than 100 SickKids staff members helped out during filming, either in front of the camera or behind the scenes, and approximately 50 SickKids patient families agreed to be filmed, with filming taking place in dozens of different locations, in the hospital and around the city.

Each commercial will air in a phased approach beginning October 15 to the end of December. Spots will also be available for viewing and sharing on the campaign website and SickKids Foundation’s YouTube and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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