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#SKYBALLS exposes Britain to a giant flying scrotum

#SKYBALLS exposes Britain to a giant flying scrotum


Not much to say about this one. Just as some organizations use our fascination about breasts and bums to get us talking about forms of cancer that affect those regions of the body, the UK’s Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC) likes to talk about testicles. Bollocks. Balls. You get the idea.

This latest campaign takes to the air, with “The World’s Biggest Awareness Tool“: A giant inflatable sack. Once again using celebrity ambassador Chris O’Dowd, MCAC is touring around the UK with an enormous set of gonads, earning media coverage and I’m sure more than one horrified reaction across the land.

If you want to help out, apparently you can sponsor one of the pubic hairs on these flying nuts. Or donate to help cancer research and give support to those living with the damned affliction.

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