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Smart map for homeless people to get through the cold winter days

Smart map for homeless people to get through the cold winter days

This copy of the well known underground map from London is reused in perfect way by the Berliner Stadtmission. It’s a shout to all people in Berlin about the circumstances of homeless people in the winter.

Like in many cities in the world the underground is used as a shelter against cold. And with this map you can see at a glance that the choices in Berlin are not that many. That is the awareness part of the map.

The legenda of the map indicate the important places for help and shelter in the German capital. These are the places where clothing and food is collected. And also where homeless people can find shelter in cold winter days. That’s a kind of interactive part of the map.

The map is map by creative collective Hektik, also from Berlin. See their website for more work for the Stadtmission and examples how the underground map is used. The campaign is titled with the hashtag #WasHeißtFrieren which means something like ‘what is actually freezing?’

Berlin City Guide to Help

The map for students below is also new and also from Berlin. It is published by online student housing website ImmobilienScout24. The map, a underground version also, shows the average rental rates for student housing. So that you have been warned as a new student, because not all landlords are honest people.

Miet-Map Berlin

Bonus: There is another map going round online, It is this new London Tube Map showing how long it takes to walk, not ride a train.

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