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Smoke-free Game Suite Engages Youth

Smoke-free Game Suite Engages Youth



The youth-focused Kanvas game allows site visitors to co-create artworks which reinforce the Smoking Not Our Future message. Images and words can be collaged within the online platform to devise original designs.

“The idea was to let a discerning youth audience design their own creative message and give them the freedom to tell it how they see it. I believe that youth appreciate being allowed honesty and ownership of voice instead of traditional advertising messages,” says Steve Le Marquand, creative director of New Zealand interactive agency, Resn, which developed the popular game.

Resn have also created the Kiss Off game: because kissing is nice but not with a smoker! And Butthead Bash in which you can team up with local celebs to battle it out with Barry, the evil tobacco industry executive.

Great to see a government agency supporting social and viral media strategies alongside interactivity and co-creation to ensure relevance with their youthful audience.

(Artworks submitted by Julie Voss on the Kanvas site)

Health Sponsorship Council, New Zealand