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Smoke-Freestyle: Twitter Rap Competition

Smoke-Freestyle: Twitter Rap Competition

Engaging New Zealand youth to co-create positive health messages – The TwitSpit competition by Smoking: Not Our Future tapped into popular culture, social media and creative expression. Twitspit provided an avenue for youth to freestyle/rap their smokefree attitude via Twitter. The 140-character constraint was reduced even further by the requirement to include the #twitspit hashtag. Judging was done by local hip-hop legend MC Juse1 who also created the graffiti artwork which branded the competition.

Winning tweet:
@ohhhSunday! You’re killing yourself but it doesn’t end there/because it also affects all the people that care #twitspit

@DropNutsDean No more banter, Listen to this stanza/If we lose the battle against tobacco, we will lose the war against cancer #twispit
@geekyORANGEfool: pull out that smoke and will anybody kiss you? cause when you start smoking your love life’s gonna be an issue #twitspit

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