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In This Social Experiment Women Don’t Get Hit

In This Social Experiment Women Don’t Get Hit

What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? In this social experiment, you see the reactions of Italian children to the subject of violence against women. Sweeter than this is almost impossible: “Girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with a flower. Or a bouquet of flowers.”

To be honest, I have gone to great lengths not to like the experiment but I failed. Usually most social experiments, like the Pranks on YouTube, have the outcome that we humans are asocial beings. Not here, the Italian boys prove that there is hope for our species. Am I alone in this? I don’t think so, the video has been viewed 24,5 million times in 3 weeks.
(Whether this was a real experiment, I do not know. It seems so, but could also be good acting.)

Not everyone is convinced about the goodness of the creators, given the comments on YouTube.

The gender argument:

That’s very touching but Women shouldn’t hit Men as well. no matter the gender. I hate the type of females who use their gender as an excuse to hurt people. Like basically they think they can do what the fuck they want and at the end of the day you can’t do shit cause their females. I swear if any female tries to fight me for no reason I will protect myself.

The Muslim argument:

They should try out this experiment in a Muslim country…….

The feminist argument:

Now do it with the genders reversed and see if the girls are prepared to slap the boys. This video only draws attention to the fact that feminists hate, yes hate men whom don’t buy into their bullshit claims about “equal” rights. If feminists got equality, they’d in for a big fucking shock.

Luca Iavarone: creator, interviews, editing, coordination
Ivan Forastiere: photography/ camera operator
Giuliano Caprara: colorist /camera operator
Andrea Esposito: assistant
Roberto Porzio: music
Peppe Pace: audio

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