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Social Marketing explained in 61 seconds

Social Marketing explained in 61 seconds

You work in Social Marketing and not everyone understands what that is. Then show this straightforward video, it is perfect for birthday parties. The shortest explanation of the profession that you can think of. It is an episode of the Sixty seconds series from the Griffith UniversitySharyn Rundle-Thiele, Professor in Social Marketing used these 60 seconds (actually 61 seconds) to explain what she is doing all day.

It’s a bit simplistic and not quite complete. I would like to add what is in our statement (replace advertising by marketing):

Unlike commercial advertising, which only attempts to influence purchase decisions, non-profit ads seeks to connect us with other human beings. Social advertising has an uncanny power to make us stop, think and then take action to help a person, or a group of people, who we don’t even know, who might be from a foreign culture, living thousands of miles away.

And of course there’s someone a little too drunk on that cozy birthday party who thinks it is all about social media. Then your answer is: hey smart ass, that is Social Media Marketing.

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