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Spanish bike commute ad mocks drivers’ daily grind

Spanish bike commute ad mocks drivers’ daily grind

Generally, when we try to get people out of their cars to walk, cycle, or take public transit to work, we acknowledge that there are people who will never leave their cars at home. No matter how much gas and insurance cost, not matter what traffic and parking hassles face them daily, they will keep driving their commute. (Even if it’s driving them crazy!)

This PSA is not for them:

This fun video, by The Spanish Government’s Dirección General de Tráfico (Directorate General of Traffic) is titled “El mismo día.” Translation sites tell me that means “the same day,” but from the context I gather it implies more, “it’s the same day, over and over” to communicate the driver’s frustration.

So, if the hardcore driver won’t respond to this ad, who will? That’s a common question in social marketing. The answer is that the transportation world is not split into drivers, car-poolers, cyclists, pedestrians and public transit users as separate groups; there is significant crossover.

For example, a car commuter might be a weekend cyclist. He or she may take walks at the lunch hour, or take a bus to events with limited parking or alcohol. These part-time virtuous travellers are the very people marketers like me target with ads like this.

If I were to deconstruct the target audience for this ad, it would be a professional who works within biking distance of their home, who owns and uses a bike, and just needs to be reminded that the car is not always as efficient or pleasant option for commuting as it might seem. The rest is just entertainment.





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