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St. Matthew-in-the-City thinks Jesus should “come out” this Christmas

St. Matthew-in-the-City thinks Jesus should “come out” this Christmas

St. Matthew-in-the-City, New Zealand’s most famously outspoken progressive church, has once again pushed buttons with its holiday billboard:


Last Christmas, it was Mary with a positive pregnancy test.. That billboard was destroyed in an angry religious protest.

St. Matthew’s Reverend Glynn Cardy said the sign is intended to provoke discussion about the humanity of Jesus.

“The fact is we don’t know what his sexual orientation was,” he told “Would it make a difference if he was gay? Would that change the picture for you? Would it mean what we revere about him changes?”

Calling itself a Progressive Christian church, St. Matthew’s is officially Anglican. While New Zealand law does not yet recognize same-sex marriage, St. Matthew’s conducts legally-recognized “Civil Unions” in its senctuary:

Same-sex couples will discover they are most welcome at St Matthew’s. Should you desire to have a civil union or have your relationship blessed at St Matthew’s please contact Clay Nelson for further details.  We are delighted when any couple wishes to pledge their love, trust, and fidelity to each other before God and in the presence of their friends and family.


Some other St. Matthew’s billboards:

When it comes to marriage, St-Matthew-in-the-City doesn’t care “who’s on top”

St. Matthew-in-the-City Church

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