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Statistics Brought To Life

Statistics Brought To Life

Adorable video for B2ten / Canadian Sport for Life. Their mission is to change the way we teach sports to our kids.  This new spot begins with a conversation with coaches and parents, letting them know how truly shocking the state of our kids’ health is.

The spot, by Blacklist director Cisma, features children creating a live infographic to bring some sobering statistics to life. In the opening shot, for instance, all the kids are lying down in a circle, creating a pie graph. A child’s voice then tells us only 10% of kids are getting enough daily exercise.

“The spot humanizes infographics utilizing children in different positions to create data visualization; bar graphs, plot, diagrams, pie-chart, iconic symbols and even typography,” says Cisma. “We wanted to communicate the importance of data in an interesting, tangible and personal way.”

And with every good campaign the video is just the beginning. It encourage parents and coaches to get involved at
On the site, parents and coaches can discover how to make sport more fun, less intense and more focused on skill development, so kids will stay in sports and be active for life.

Jonathon Longworth from Dare, the agency behind the campaign: “We want to get the attention of parents and coaches, and help them understand that by making small changes to how we teach sport, we can make a massive difference to the quality of life our children will enjoy. This goes way beyond sport; it’s about confidence, happiness and having a healthy life. It all starts with proper skill development.”
The commercial will continue to run all year as a PSA.

B2ten / Canadian Sport for Life
Dare, Vancouver
Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Bryan Collins
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Producer: Mike Hasinoff
Account Supervisors: Marcel Da Silva, Jonathan Longworth
Production Company: Blacklist
Director: Cisma
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Karen Lawler
Director of Photography: Marc Laliberte-Else
Editor: Matthew Griffiths
Post-production: Cycle Media
Executive Producer: Tom Murray
Sound: Vapor Music
Executive Producer: Lindsey Bates
Creative Director: Joey Serlin
Sound Engineers: Julian Rudd, Andrew Harris
Licensing: Vapor Music
Song: Freelance Whales ‘Generator (First Floor)’
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