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Stop child sex

Stop child sex


A new law prohibits Singaporeans from engaging in child prostitution while overseas. Pay for sex with someone under 18 and you will be prosecuted upon returning to Singapore.
These ads are from Singapore department of Unifem, the United Nations Development Fund for Women.
Tag line: “When you slept with her / When you get out of jail”

” End the culture of silence. If we know of someone who engages in commercial sex with someone under 18 years old and we choose not to speak up, we become an accomplice with our silence.  Speak up! Let it be known that such behaviour is abusive, exploitative and unacceptable in our society.”



Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Asia-Pacific, Singapore
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Todd Waldron
Art Directors: Ross Ventress, Ian Perkins
Copywriters: Todd Waldron, Marthinus Strydom
Photographer: Yang Tang
Production House: Groovy Studio
Retoucher: Lay Leng / Procolor Imaging
Agency Producer: Xenia Tan
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