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STOP Cyberbullying – Stopp Cyber-Mobbing

STOP Cyberbullying – Stopp Cyber-Mobbing

Pro Juventute launched the first national campaign on cyberbullying in Switzerland. Goal: To sensitize young people and their communities. A survey shows urgent need for information: Two-thirds of respondents do not know where they could get help.

Cyberbullying hurts and can even lead to suicide. (more after video)


Fight against cyberbullying. Go to Facebook page Stopp Cyber-Mobbing .
By clicking on the picture you can change it and fight so directly against cyberbullying. Because the more people are aware, the better it can be combated.

So click and fight.




Additional credits:
Pro Juventute: Irene Heimgartner (Head of Public Affairs); Marianne Affolter ( Head of Communication).

TBWA: Creation: Frederick Rossmann, Johannes Dörig, Barney Rees, Samuel Wicki, Cla Campell ;
Matthias Kiess, Marion Schlatter (customer consultant); Marcel Vogt (customer consultant);
Christina Buergin, Agnes Meier, Simona Mink (Art-Buying/Production/DTP); Mert Dürümoglu (photography).

Markenfilm Schweiz: Uli Scheper (Production); Navid Abri (Director). Responsible for programming: Cubera Solutions.

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