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Strategy: Laughing Our Way to a Better World

Strategy: Laughing Our Way to a Better World

Africa For Norway was one of the highlights we wrote about last year. ‘The funniest campaign this year’ I said.

Being funny was the strategy Sindre Olav Edland-Gryt explained in the recently recorded TEDx talk in Barcelona.

It’s Radi-Aid vs Oh Dear.
“By turning the tables the spoof video has sparked a lot of debate and self-reflection in both media and development organization.”

Sindre Olav is Human Rights campaigner for Saih and He is a self-trained communication professional and wrote his master’s thesis on religion and development. One of Sindre’s mantras is why creativity and humor is key to getting people involved in the fight for human rights. He believes that the repeat portrayal of negative images often creates apathy and a feeling of hopelessness.

The Africa for Norway campaign was very successful. The video got over 2 million views on YouTube and a massive media coverage on world’s major channels like BBC, NY Times, Al Jazeera and Le Monde.

Is humor the magic word for modern campaigning? Of course not. It is a relatively new way, strategically speaking. Personal involvement and experience are just as important. But the element of surprise as Africa For Norway proves can broaden horizons. And lead to new insights.

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The campaign video:

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