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Stripping alive is not ok

Stripping alive is not ok

PETA style! To promote the new campaign of Dutch non-profit organization ‘Animals Awake’, Dutch creative production house created a viral campaign that caused quite a stir. Ancilla Tilia, well known festish model, Playmate and elected Most Sexy Vegetarian, promised to strip down naked for the good cause on Monday 22 June. The show was announced on a lot of blogs, radioshows, Facebook, Twitter and online magazines.

At said time, a sexy stripshow started, where Ancilla seductively started taking off her clothes. Untill a man in fishermans clothing (played by a wellknown Dutch comedian), stepped out from the audience, knocked her down with a big hook and started to ‘stripping her alive’. With this campaign, Animals Awake wants to raise awareness that millions of fish are being skinned and stripped from their organs while still alive, while its proven that fish can feel distress and even pain.

The website was visited over 50,000 times in the first days and the film was downloaded over 10,000 times in the first few hours.

We have posted a lot of campaigns from PETA containing nudity. Too much, that’s why I have stopped posting them. For The Netherlands it is a new communication strategy and very succesful. What do you think? Does this campaign offend you? Sexualised of woman in advertising again?

See pictures from the ‘making of’ at Flickr.

This is what the protest from Wakker Dier is about:




Wakker Dier
Revolver Media
Additional credits:
Production: Revolver Media
Director: Sharif Nasr
DOP: Remko Schnorr
Editor: Brian Ent (The Ambassadors)
Sound: Big Orange
Producer: David Fisscher
Website: Page71

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